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Digital Art has always been a matter of curiosity and self-expression to me, that is why I oriented my career towards visual digital creations through the development of a particular language that allows me to express myself and communicate ideas through Branding, Websites, 3D, Multimedia, Audiovisual Projects (videos and projections), but mainly through all of these new tech combinations.

Being born in the boom of these tech advances (from the very basic software beginnings) has allowed me to be not only a witness but also a researcher who is always looking for novelties in the artistic, technological and creative fields, allowing me to continue developing myself professionally and personally.

I am analytical, I like to consider different points of view from different experiences, and over the years of professional experience, I have developed a work methodology that has allowed me, and the teams I have worked with, offer original, creative solutions with excellence in technical and artistic management
With more than 20 years of professional experience in the area of art, design, and technology, I have a story to tell. The impressive changes and the quality of the creations offered by the union of art and technology invite us, as never before, to experiment with self-expression and new ways of communication. Personally, these experiences have been reflected in the various artistic and communication projects that I have tackled from its conception until its last reproduction channel, as well as enriches my professional practice as a university professor.

Multiple national and international brands have trusted my artistic vision and I really appreciate this trust.

And finally sharing my creative process and experiences as a University professor has allowed me to introduce this multimedia-tech-creativity curiosity to my students. Accompany these new generations of multimedia professionals to achieve their goals, in a feedback game in which I allow myself to understand the universe in which the youngest have grown up and what their vision is, always encouraging them in the search for an artistic language through the use of technology.

My path continues, I keep tech searching, keep multimedia creating, keep looking for places to grow within these fields, and keep expressing myself and teaching. And as Steve Job said in these simple prase - Stay hungry, stay foolish.

Juan Gonzalez

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